What to Wear When Camping?

People that love to camp are always looking for the next place to go for a trip. You want to be out in the wilderness, where you can experience the outdoors in as many ways as possible. When you are planning for this, you need to make sure that you are bringing along the things that are necessary for a trip that will be safe and enjoyable. Knowing what to wear while camping is a big part of the planning process, and you need to take it seriously so that you will have the clothing that is necessary for you to be comfortable and safe.

List of Clothes to Bring While Camping

You should make a list of items that you will want to bring with you so that you have plenty to wear while camping. When you make a list, you will check each item off as you know that you have included them in the gear list. Here is a list of what you should make sure you have when you plan to go on a camping trip:


Depending on the weather and your planned activities, you’ll want to pack a couple of t-shirts, perhaps a long-sleeved shirt. A t-shirt is an essential basic when it comes to packing for a camping trip. It can be worn during the day while hiking or doing other activities, and you can also wear it as your base layer at night or in the morning when it’s cold. When picking your t-shirts, make sure they are long-sleeved to protect your skin from the sun and insects. You can also choose to wear t-shirts with a high SPF rating or those with built-in sun protection. A t-shirt is also helpful for wiping sweat or dirt off your face.


If you happen to be camping during a hot season, wearing shorts can be a great choice. They are more comfortable than pants, especially when it’s humid, and will let your skin breathe. It is important to keep in mind that you can only wear shorts during the day, as they are not warm enough to survive cold nights.

Hiking Boots

Hiking boots are mandatory for anyone that wants to go camping. It is the best form of foot protection that you can get, and you will want to wear them most of the time. You should also take along a pair of sandals or another type of shoe for other things you wish to do when you are not out in the wilderness. The majority of the time, you will be wearing hiking boots to protect your feet from any type of accidents that might occur on a camping trip.


You should bring along several pairs of good socks. Socks will need to be changed often. Depending on the weather pattern you will be in when you are camping, you will want to have several pairs of socks to change into when you get wet.

Long Pants

You want to have several pairs of long pants with you while you are camping. In most cases, people prefer to bring jeans. Other people would rather have sweatpants along because they could be more comfortable than jeans for the most part. In any case, you should bring together several pairs so that you can change them when you need to.

Long sleeve shirt or sweater

If you are visiting a cold area, it would be a good idea to bring a long-sleeve shirt or sweater to wear as an extra layer of clothing. You can wear this daily or as an extra layer when the sun goes down. You can also use it to cover your legs or arms when you feel like it’s too cold to be bare. When choosing a sweater or shirt, make sure that it is lightweight so that you can easily pack it in your bag. Look for fabrics such as wool or cashmere, which are warm and comfortable to wear even when wet.

Hand warmers, gloves, and scarf

If you are visiting a cold area, it would be helpful to bring a pair of hand warmers, a scarf, and gloves. You can use hand warmers to keep your hands warm or even to provide warmth to your feet. You can also bring fingerless gloves to protect your hands while still letting you use your fingers. When picking gloves or a scarf, ensure they are lightweight enough for you to carry them around. You can also bring a pair with built-in wrist warmers to keep your hands warm even when it’s raining.

Bathing Suit

Bringing along a swimming suit is a good idea. It will depend on where a person is camping, but there may be places that you can swim or sunbathe, so a swimsuit is a good idea to have along. A cover-up for women is a good idea to pack for use also.

Waterproof jacket or Rain poncho and rain pants

If you are visiting an area known for a lot of rain, you might consider bringing an all-weather jacket or poncho. They are easy to store and very lightweight. You can also bring a rain poncho, which is an excellent choice for a camping trip. A rain poncho can protect your upper body and your legs. You can pick a poncho with long sleeves that go past your hands so you can use your hands free even when it’s raining. Alternatively, bring a lightweight rain jacket that lets your arms move freely.


A hat should be worn at all times to keep the sun from hitting a person's face. You should also wear sunglasses so that your eyes are protected at all times from the sun and bugs too. Making sure that your eyes are kept safe is a good idea for everyone in your group to heed to. If you are going to be camping during the colder weather months, you might want to bring along a warmer hat, a scarf, and gloves too. You want to make sure that you will be able to stay as warm as possible.


You should bring along a watch that you can wear. It is a good idea to have one that is waterproof. It can make all the difference in the world when your watch is waterproof and you are planning to do a lot of activities outside, especially if you involve in water sports at all.


A pair of sunglasses is essential if you plan to camp during a sunny season. They will protect your eyes from harmful UV rays and reduce squinting, which can be tiring. If you already have a pair of regular sunglasses, you can also use them for camping. If you don’t have a pair of sunglasses yet, you can choose a pair that is lightweight and durable. Make sure they are also comfortable wearing and blocking out the sun’s harmful rays.

Other Items That You Need On A Camping Trip

There are other things that you will need to remember to bring when you are going on a camping trip. You will need to make sure that you put these items into your backpack so that you are confident that you will have them with you. Here is a list of the items that you will need.


Having a backpack is very important for all campers. It will allow you to pack all of the items that you need. With the various compartments that most backpacks have, you can fit all of your belongings into them and find them easily.

Blanket or sleeping bag

If you plan to camp during the colder months, a blanket or sleeping bag is an essential item to bring with you. You can use it as a blanket during the day and then turn it into a sleeping bag once the sun goes down. When choosing a blanket or sleeping bag, ensure it is not too heavy and can easily fit inside your backpack. You can also buy a blanket or sleeping bag that is water-resistant. If you plan to camp during a cold season, the best choice would be to bring a sleeping bag. Make sure that it is lightweight enough for you to carry it around. You can also bring a sleeping bag liner to add an extra layer of protection against the cold.

Tarp or rainproof tent

If you are visiting an area prone to extreme weather conditions, you might want to bring a tarp to protect your tent. You can also bring a rainproof tent to keep you dry even when it’s raining. You can also get a multi-person tent that can fit more people than a regular one. In most cases, it depends on how many people will need to use the tent, which will determine the size of the one you should purchase. You want to have enough room for everyone to be able to sleep comfortably when you are camping in a tent. The prices will vary for the tent, so you should compare different models of tents that are in the market to find the right one for your needs.


Campers need to have maps along. You should have your route planned out before you even embark on your trip. Having several maps is a good idea. The maps should be kept in waterproof bags so that if you are dropped, you won't get damaged. It is also a good idea to have a compass for your trip. This way, you can always know what direction you are traveling in so that you can find your camping spot quickly and easily.

Cell Phone

You should always have your cell phone with you. Before you leave on your trip, you need to charge up your phone completely. You will want to bring extra batteries for the cell phone, just in case. Some people also take along a second cell phone only in case your original one should break while you are on your camping expedition.

Lighters or Matches

To make a fire while camping, you want lighters and matches. You will also want to make sure that you bring along plenty of food and water for your camping trip. Planning will make sure that you have more than enough for everyone in your group so that everyone can get as much food and drink that you need.

Bug Spray

Bug spray is an essential item to have along. You should use it often to protect yourself from insect bites. Along the same lines is that of bringing along sunscreen. The sunscreen will help to protect your skin from sunburn while you are out and about during the day.

Checklist of what to bring on a camping trip

Now that you know what to pack for your trip, let’s move on to a comprehensive checklist of what you should bring. Here’s an extensive list of clothing, gear, and other essentials that you need for a camping trip: 


  • few t-shirts
  • couple of shirts
  • pair of shorts
  • warm socks, leggings, and tights
  • blanket or sleep bag
  • long-sleeve shirt or sweater
  • hand warmers
  • gloves
  • scarf


  • lightweight backpack
  • tent
  • sleeping bag and pad
  • sleeping bag liner
  • lightweight rain poncho
  • headlamp
  • Swiss army knife
  • first aid kit
  • water bottle or canteen
  • tarp
  • water filter or water purification system
  • set of cutlery
  • stove
  • lightweight cooking pot
  • set of bowls or plates
  • food bag
  • ground cloth
  • campstove
  • air mattress and pump for your sleeping pad

When you pack correctly for your trip, you will be able to enjoy it all the more. This is because you will know that you will have everything you need to be safe and comfortable for the extent of your trip. You will want to make as many great memories as possible and enjoy every moment you can spend alone or with the people on the camping trip.